Refbio organises training courses in biomedical research management and innovation in prestigious centres in Zaragoza and Toulouse

27 02 2015


  • Both training programmes are led by the Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse and aim to bring the bases of entrepreneurship and innovation management closer to PhD students.
  • Both courses are free of charge and registration is now closed.


Refbio, the Trans-Pyrenean Biomedical Research Network, which was established with the aim of strengthening cooperation in health sciences on either side of the Pyrenean border, is organising an interactive course on entrepreneurship and innovation management for PhD students in Toulouse and Zaragoza.

The sessions are planned for 25 and 27 February at the Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) in Toulouse, and on 17 and 18 March at the Centre for Biomedical Research of La Rioja in Zaragoza.

The course will be given by Dr Pascal Echardour from the UPS, an important scientific research centre in France, which specialises in the fields of health sciences, engineering and sports technology, and is part of the Refbio project.

The training courses are based on the idea that innovation is an essential part of competitiveness, and its main goal is to give participants the tools they need to hone their entrepreneurship, stress management and self-motivation skills.

The sessions will be interactive, as they are designed to promote the participants’ involvement, to foster discussions and to encourage collaborative work. Case studies will be analysed and strategic issues will be dealt with, such as organisational and management principles, which will give participants the keys they need to move forward in the process.

These courses are free of charge, and registration is now closed. Travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the UPS and the centres working with Refbio.



More information on Refbio

Refbio is a project to create a Trans-Pyrenean Biomedical Research Network, with the aim of becoming a benchmark network in the areas on either side of the Pyrenees to promote competitive research projects at a European level.

Refbio is an initiative that is part of the 2007-2013 Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme (POCTEFA), which will be extended to November 2014, when the network will be formalised. It includes eight biomedical research bodies from five regions on either side of the Pyrenees: