New biomarkers with potential clinical value in the Consensus Molecular Subtypes of Colorectal Cancer

The main objective of this project is the analysis of new biomarkers with clinical value in the Consensus Molecular Subtypes (CMSs) of colorectal cancer (CRC).
CRC is one of the leading causes of cancer-related death worldwide and is characterized by its molecular heterogeneity that complicates the diagnosis and treatment of the patients.
Recent evidence has identified four CMSs that differ in their pathological, molecular and clinical background and that represent the current best description of the mentioned CRC heterogeneity.

A panel of immunohistochemical (IHC) markers which helps to identify CMSs has just been described in stage II, but its clinical usefulness must be validated in important series of tumours of all stages.
Therefore,2 groups of CRC patients will be classified into CMSs by the use of IHC in tissue microarrays. Additionally, new biomarkers will be studied by Transcriptomics. Finally, the detection of epigenetic alterations could explain the patterns of expression in tumours and have clinical importance.

Project partners

Project Manager : Maria Luisa GÓMEZ DORRONSORO
Navarrabiomed – FMS

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