Clinical Trials

HMB for desnutrition patients with cirrhosis

Patients with cirrhosis are characterized by severe metabolic alterations, which converge in a malnutritional state.
Malnutrition encompasses glucose intolerance, chronic inflammation, altered gut microbiota, reduced muscle mass (sarcopenia), as well as loss and dysregulation of adipose tissue (adipopenia).
Yet, despite its clinical repercussions and potential reversibility, there are no effective therapies because our limited understanding of the mechanisms underlying this altered metabolism.

Previous studies have indicated some beneficial effects of HMB itself or its parent metabolite, leucine, on adipose tissue, glucose intolerance, inflammation, and gut microbiota.
For this project we have put together a multidisciplinary team aimed to test HMB as a novel adjuvant therapy for cirrhotic patients and provide new molecular targets for the prevention or treatment of the metabolic dysregulation associated to liver cirrhosis.

Project partners

Project manager : Jose Miguel ARBONES MAINAR
Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud

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