PITRIDs, the second call of Refbio II, will launch 13 cross-border initiatives of Innovation and Transfer of Results

19 03 2018

The Refbio II partnership (2016-2018) has decided to finance a total of 13 projects within the framework of cross-border collaboration between clinical and/or research centers with companies in the biotechnology sector. The projects will benefit from funding of more than 190,000 euros in the Call for Projects for Innovation and Transfer of Results in R & D (PITRIDs).

PITRIDs is the second call for projects developed within the network to intensify collaboration with the private sector. In addition to these initiatives and the previous 7 funded in the first call, Refbio II already counts 20 ongoing research projects.

The resolution of the call took place in Bidart, France during the fifth partnership meeting. A total of 21 research teams from 9 regions on both sides of the Pyrenees will develop 13 projects selected for their innovation and potential for technology transfer to business sector.

As a whole, the projects will address the development of health innovations focused on oncological, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, inflammatory and chronic pathologies, as well as the use of stem cells in innovative therapies. To this end, the cross-border network has promoted complementarity and collaboration between the research groups involved and scientific and technological agents and companies, with the aim of bringing the results obtained from the projects to market.

GEOSIGEPOC-ASMA: Integration of cartographic tools and spatial perspective in the Health Information Systems of the Aragonese Health Service: Design and application to the pilot study of the prevalence of COPD and Asthma in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Lead researcher: Marcos Zuil Martín from IACS. Collaborating Entity:  ESRI España.

EliFrail: Nutritional status and its relationship to functional capacity on elder people: an opportunity for the development of innovative interventions for the prevention and treatment of fragility and dependence. Lead researcher: Itziar Vergara from Biodonostia. Partner institution: Cluster Santé Osasuna. Collaborating entities: SendaBio and AztiTecnalia.

LACTODERMAL:  Extraction of exosomes from milk and their use in skin regeneration. Lead researcher: María Pilar Martín Duque from IACS. Partner institution: Biodonostia. Collaborating entity: Small-scale Milk Producers Torreconde.

Age-HDACIs:  Preclinical study of a new compound to improve tissue regeneration and delay aging. Lead researcher: Ander Matheu from Biodonostia. Partner institutions: CIBIR and  CHUT. Collaborating entity: Quimatrix.

BLT‐Cel: Impact of circulating tumour cells on plasma serum by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis: Thermal Liquid Biopsy and its application in clinical diagnosis. Leader researcher: Olga Abian Franco  from IACS. Collaborating entity: Genetracer Biotech.

ANGIOMIMETICS: Development of applications in microfluidic chips for the evaluation of pharmacological demodulators of angiogenesis. Lead researcher: Angel García Otín from IACS. Collaborating entity: BEOnChip.

IBD-IFXADA : New tools for optimizing Infliximab or Adalimumab treatments in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Lead researcher  : Maria del Carmen Muñoz from BIOEF. Partner intitution : Biocruces. Collaborating entity : Progenika Biopharma.

IKERIKTUS : Validation of biomarkers associated with instability in atherosclerosis-carotid disease. Lead researcher : Marimar Freijoo from BIOEF. Collaborating entity : Progenika Biopharma.

BMK_PANC : Multi-institutional study on the definition of new predictive biomarkers of response in resectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma, with poor prognostic factors, treated with neoadjuvants. Serum pharmacoproteomic correlation of response to treatment. Development of a prognostic/predictive biosensor from this experience. Lead researcher : Antonio Viudez from Navarrabiomed. Partner institution : Biodonostia and CHUT. Collaborating entity : Eversens.

SAT-PREDIAB : Development and validation of an alarm system for the detection of adverse events in patients with hyperglycaemia based on predictive modelling. Lead researcher : Urko Aguirre from BIOEF. Partner institutions  : Biodonostia and IACS.Collaborating entity : Digitalica Salud.

DataAnaERC : “Data Analytics” from injury to kidney repair in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Lead researcher  : Marcos Araúzo Bravo from Biodonostia. Partner institution : CHUT. Collaborating entity : Sanitas.

3D3B : Printing the brain: Towards a 3D-Bioprinted model of human blood-brain barrier. Lead researcher  : Natalia Ramirez from Navarrabiomed. Collaborating entity : Marcha Technology.

MemoShield : Proof of concept of a new medication that prevents age-related memory loss. Lead researcher : Alfredo Martínez Ramírez from CIBIR. Parnter institutions : Biodonostia and IACS. Collaborating entity : Gobierno de La Rioja.



6th partnership meeting. June 2018, Zaragoza.

In June, the managers of the various Refbio II (2016-2018) centers will meet to assess the status of the actions proposed for the first half of 2018 and agree on the next milestones of the Network. The meeting is scheduled to be held at the Aragon Institute of Health Science (IACS) in Zaragoza. Date and agenda to be confirmed.