COMIC brings together “omic” technologies and IT platforms to identify biomarkers for different diseases

19 05 2014


The trans-Pyrenean Biomedical Research Network (Refbio) has facilitated the launch of the COMIC (Creation of a multi-OMIC analysis platform to accelerate biomarker discovery) project. Physicians, biologists, biochemists and IT specialists from Spanish and French institutions will combine their efforts to achieve the implementation of “omic” technologies (microRNA analysis, transcriptomics and proteomics) for samples of high clinical interest for subsequent computer-based analysis using semantic and automatic learning techniques. This will allow the information to be visualised and processed in order to detect and identify early disease biomarkers.

The biological samples to be analysed will be selected in the initial phase, attempting to select samples the analysis of which will try to solve a specific clinical problem. Subsequently, the comparative “omic” analysis will be performed at various levels using complementary transcriptomic and proteomic platforms. Once the data generated have been normalised, the formats with which the IT platform will begin to develop the web application that will allow us to analyse the “omic” data as a whole using semantic tools, in which the significance and relationship between the data generated are evaluated, will be standardised. The type of samples to be analysed has already been decided and the work flows and number of samples required to ensure the success of the analyses are currently being determined.

The project is coordinated by Dr. Enrique Santamaría, Head of the Clinical Neuroproteomics Group and Scientific Leader of the Proteomics Unit at Navarrabiomed. Dr. Joaquin Fernández-Irigoyen, technology leader at the Proteomics Unit at Navarrabiomed; Dr. David Otaegui, Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Group and Genomic/Transcriptomic Platform leader at Biodonostia; Dr. David Brassat, Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Unit at CHU Toulouse-INSERM; Dr. Gregory McClair, a computer graphics expert at the IK4-Vicomtech technology centre; and Dr. Odile Schiltz, Head of the Proteomics Unit for the Genotoul platform in Toulouse, are also involved in the project.


Dr Enrique Santamaría (Navarrabiomed)